Tuesday, June 30, 2009

crane fly


  1. Hi JRL,
    Great shot of the crane fly, I like the close up of the wing. The detail of the insect wing seems to be the hardest to get for me any how.

    Good catch on the bee, the source I used lumped them all into one general catagory. I have been on the internet for a long time and should have known not to trust one source. I replaced the photo in the story. The first story, I left it as is since I never id'ed it.


  2. woa that's way weird! Makes my skin crawl hahaha. Great shots!

  3. They're a bit scary at first 'cause the almost look like giant mosquitoes, but they're harmless, almost. The adults don't eat but the larvae can sometimes eat plants you don't want them to.

  4. with a wingspan a little over an inch, she's quite small compared to one I found in Marysville, Washington that must of been around two and a half or so.