Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look What We Found!

A coworker caught this guy in a stairwell. I'm pretty sure he's a giant house spider and not his smaller, more infamous and poisonous cousin the hobo. We gave him to our boss, who was pleased to share her office with this little guy, who called the W.S.U entomology department. I assume they sent someone to come pick him up so they could play with him and teach him some tricks, or whatever they do with these guys. Who knows, they might even eat him; they've been known to do stuff like that up there.
Unfortunately I had my camera on the wrong setting so I don't have any cool up-close and personal, I can see every hair, pictures to creep, I mean, impress you with.
To give you an idea of his size, the base of that cup was at least 3 inches in diameter. I know, there are much bigger spiders in the world, but not so much around here. Considering his close appearance to the hobo, this guy's big enough for me. I think I'll stick to his smaller cousin the domestic house spider: not poisonous, not so ugly, and very effective flycatchers.

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