Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sure, why not?

This here was my great-grandma's manikin, she was an artist. What? No. My grandma was the artist, not the manikin. And don't ask where the arm is, that was missing long before I got her.
This is my cat. Just as I was looking for something else to photograph, she walked in. Not that I need a reason to photograph my cat.

Just a game. See Mishka for an explanation.


  1. Ha ha I love the manikin. I bet she'd be a good artist too!

  2. Your grandma was a great artist! Those are beautiful manikins, indeed.
    I love cats so I am glad that you posted a photo of your Danny. She is so cute.

  3. =)

    Venus are getting along whit your new cat?

  4. I haven't brought the new kitty home yet. It'll probably be this weekend or next week. He still needs to get used to eating solid food and I have to kitten-proof my apartment, if such a thing is possible.