Monday, April 12, 2010

what did i get myself into?

so i was pondering ares's tail, it is quite a ponderous tail, and got to thinking that maine coons have tails like that. so i googled maine coons. ares seems to fit the description of a maine coon very well; long fur, long tail, tufts between his toes, etc. i also read male maine coons can get up to 20 pounds. so the cute not so little thing above could become one of these monsters...
or even one of these...

i don't know if i should be excited or afraid. either way, i think i need to start looking for a larger apartment.


  1. The other really large breed is the Ragdoll, they are similar in size to a Maine Coon. The cat sitting under the lamp on my sidebar is a Ragdoll. She weighed 16lbs.

    Another way to tell is that Maine Coons and Ragdolls have huge paws, larger than most cats. They also have a ruff/mane around the neck that ares is missing so she probably isn't either. A gorgeous and sweet kitty either way.

    That is one big monster cat!!!!!

  2. his mother was a stray and I never saw her, so there's no telling what all he has in him. He's 9 month's old now (the picture was from a month ago) and he's already over 10 pounds. I would be surprised if he got anywhere near as big as those cats, but I have a feeling he will be on the big side.